Serenad Kombucha, Stockholm

In september 2019 Simon Olsson moved in with his friend Simon Eld on Serenadvägen 32. Eld had a small container of kombucha which the two became more and more fond of, by the end of the year their closet was producing over 20L of kombucha every other week supporting their entire friend group with the beverage.

Olsson had shared some of the culture with his coworker Niclas Wallberg who produced around 30L every other week in the beginning of 2020. The following year they started buying bigger containers and trying more flavours but they never changed their manufacturing method.
The result is a huge homestyle brewery with everything being done by hand. 

Berries and roots are handpicked in and around the Stockholm area. The fruits the team can’t find themselves are bought, but only if they’re organic. The end product is a slightly acidic, and pleasantly sweet beverage where the natural sugars from the berries and fruits transforms into fine bubbles during the second fermentation.

Nr. 8
Sloeberry and rhubarb 

Nr. 9 
Rowanberry, common polypody and heather honey