Stockholms Bränneri, Stockholm

Anna and Calle Wikner, two engineers who met while studying in Lund. They came up with the idea of making their own craft gin while living in Vancouver, Canada in 2015. The hang out spots for friends around here was local breweries and small distilleries which lead them to question why there wasn’t any distilleries in Stockholm?

Being passionate gin drinkers they started to gain and look for knowledge on distillation and how to create the perfect gin. Anna and Calle didn’t waste any time, they bought a small chemistry lab and started distilling all kinds of botanicals. At the same time, they travelled the Pacific North West to visit as many of the local distilleries as they could, meeting passionate gin distillers who gladly shared their experiences.
They started the company while still living in Vancouver since the delivery time on the pot still was long, now all they had to to when moving back to Stockholm was finding a suitable place to distil their gin. This was easier said than done since they wanted a place where the public could see it as an open meeting place, like they were used to in Vancouver. After more than 10 months and 100 visits around Stockholm, they found the perfect location at Södermalm. During the search for this place they got to know the four guys behind Modernist Brewery who were on the lookout for a new location as well. This lead to Folkungagatan 136, an old jaguar work shop, that now is the place to visit when you want to learn everything you can about gin and beer!

The gin is made in a beautiful 350- litre copper still named “Fåfängan”. The production is small and every bottle is given a unique batch and bottle number. Since the definition of gin is a spirit with juniper berries and “other botanicals” the combinations are endless. Stockholms Bränneri Gin is inspired by the Nordic flavors and surroundings. The idea of using one of the main characters come from the heather meadows out at Torö where Anna and Calle got married.

On December 1st 2016 they released the first 1000 bottles through Systembolaget and the success was a fact when it sold out within the first 24 hours.

Since the start the have launched several products, one more popular then the other. During the past year, they are now also four people working at the distillery!

This is what we keep in stock:

Dry Gin
Botanicals: Juniper, elderflower, heather, rosemary angelica root, coriander seeds.
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 40 % ABV
The signature gin made from Stockholms Bränneri.
It has a fine juniper and citrusy nose with smooth aromatic flavors from the elderflower and heather but also a depth coming from the coriander, angelica root and rosemary. It’s a straight forward and honest gin with clear Nordic influences.

Navy Strength
Botanicals: Juniper, elderflower, heather, rosemary angelica root, coriander seeds.
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 57 % ABV
Made with the same botanicals as the dry gin, but left at a higher ABV. A classic style of the gin family that leaves an extra punch to the finish.
A gin made to mix drinks with, for those who are not afraid of making your drink taste like true gin.

Oak Gin
Botanicals: Juniper, orange peel and long pepper rested on bourbon oak barrels
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 45 % ABV
Oak aged gin with clear gin tones of juniper married with vanilla notes from the barrels. Best enjoyed neat on ice.

Pink Gin
Botanicals: Juniper, rose petals and rhubarb.
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 40 % ABV
A summer inspired gin distilled with flowers and rhubarb. Naturally colored with lingonberries which adds to the fruity tones. A true taste of Swedish summer!

Botanicals: Dill, caraway, fennel seeds, juniper, coriander and elderflower.
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 40 % ABV
A clear akvavit inspired by Swedish midsummer!
A gin base with juniper and coriander, distilled with akvavit classic herbs like dill and caraway. A great serve with food weather its cold or at room temperature.

Gin & Tonic Glögg (only in december)
A combination of the most sold drink in the nordics – gin & tonic, and a Swedish christmas tradition – Glögg. Made with Stockholms brännery Dry Gin and a tonic syrup with an extra flavor of the holidays. Enjoy it heated or on ice, preferably with a spring och rosemary and som lingonberries.

Röd Aperitif
Botanicals: Rowan berries, lingon berries, orange, gentian root and marsh-mallow.
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 22 % ABV
This is the perfect summer aperitif! Enjoy it on the rocks, with your favourite tonic or sparkling wine. The nice bitterness of rowan berries in combination with the herbs makes it a perfect base for a spritz!

Pink Negroni

Components: Stockholms Bränneri Pink Gin, Sprithyllan Rosé Vermouth and Bitter made from Spriteriet (rowan berries, sloe berries, meadowsweet and saved lemon zest)
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 25 % ABV
A coopertation between Stockholms Bränneri, Spriteriet and Lådan restaurant. A take on the classic drink, the Stockholmian version. Enjoy on a big cube of ice.

Winter Negroni

Components: Stockholms Bränneri Dry Gin together with Stockholms Aperitif – Röd infused with christmas spices like cloves, cardamom, orange and cinnamon. To this cold pressed cherry and black currant must is added. The bitter elements are rowan berries, gentiana and wormwood. 
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 22 % ABV
A take on the everlasting classic Negroni, inspired by Swedish midwinter.
Enjoy straight over ice, or why not heated on a cold winter day.


Components: Dry Gin, Spriteriet Torr Vermouth 
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 35% ABV
Perfect blend of Dry Gin and Spriteriets Torr Vermouth. The saltiness and spicy notes from the vermouth makes a prefect martini. Just stir ice cold in a glass and pour over an olive or twist.


Components: Apple wine, Kersh coffee, dry gin, lemon, fennel flower, ceder wood, gentian root, cacao nibs. 
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 22% ABV
Distinct notes of coffee and spices. Drink after dinner with an ice cube or spice up your warm cocktails. Ideal with your favourite tonic.

Cocktails in 25 cl can

Pink Paloma 10% ABV
Based on Pink Gin, red grapefruit and lime. Lightly sparkling.

Apple Punch 12% ABV
Based on Stockholms Akvavit and Jinquette (An apply collab with Brutes Cider). Lightly sparkling.

Röd Spritz 10% ABV
Based on Stockholms Apertif – Röd. Lightly sparkling.