Muri Drinks, Murray Paterson, Copenhagen

Murray Paterson, has always been a bit of a food & drink nerd. Even back when he was working in ‘the city’, his passion was for great food & drinks. He felt drawn to the creativity of the industry and that feeling when you taste something, and it really stops you in your tracks. ‘How have they done that? How did they create these flavours?’
Murray’s moved into cider making and has been working with some of the leading cider producers in the world.
During this time he began to obsess over the processes of fermentation & blending to create flavour. Flavour had gone from a keen interest to an obsession, next up – Copenhagen.

Joining the industry-leading flavour company, Empirical Spirits, it was here Murray truly explored the boundaries of what could be done in terms of flavour creation in drinks. Honing his skills in the production processes across layered fermentations, distillation & blending. It was here that the seed for what Muri is today, was sown. There was an urge to take these incredibly complex flavours and make them accessible to everyone. What better way to make them accessible than to turn to the no & low alcoholic drinks category that felt like it was truly lacking in complexity & depth of flavour. A category that was all about alcohol replacements & ‘for the drivers’.

And so, Muri was born. Initially a one-man band, Muri then became a small team all focused on creating gateways to new flavours in the no & low space. Based in Copenhagen, obsessed with flavour-creation and pushing the boundaries of what could be done.

The finished product is inspired by wine, using various fermentation techniques and culinary tricks to achieve a truly unqiue style of low alcohol drinks.

Passing Clouds

A sparkling blend of fermented white currants, quince kefir and jasmine tea.
Topped with geranium and woodruff kvass.
(0,4 % alc.)


A red wine alternative. Fermented black currants, chamomile kefir, pine, fig-leaf kvass and supernatant oak kombucha.
(0,4 % alc.)