Karin Hillström

Have you met Karin? If not we hope you soon get to know her, she is overly nice, super fun and sharp, plus that she creates great, tasty drinks.

Karin 3-hemsidan1

Born in Östersund, in the very middle of Sweden, even though many of us ’Stockholmians’ believes it’s far up in the north. She did the hard sommelier school at Grythyttan and after that became a part of the crew that worked from the start with the today 2 star Guide Michelin awarded ’Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen’ for quite a while.

But man, she longed home, wanted to get closer to nature and got a bit fed up by the Stockholm rat-race.

So she moved to Åre, even though it’s mainly crowded with people form Stockholm and skiing isn’t really her thing, more the afterski that attracted we think quietly … She stayed there and worked as restaurant manager at both Dahlboms på Torget and Copperhill for more then 5 years. Since 2013 she has been the restaurant manager at Fäviken Magasinet and moved to Ås, just outside Östersund in 2014. Karin is preparing the planting of her apple trees next spring. The enticement with growing apples in this pretty cold and challenging growing zone is that even though the trees gives a lower yield they have a higher, more aromatic taste due to the very long days and amount of sunlight they get in summer. Also the cold winter helps to keep the amount of pests low, which makes it easier to work organic.

Karin träd

The big interest for Swedish fruit and berries came already when she was a kid, born and raised by a foraging and gardening mother.

This autumn we will see her first production of apple juice. She will source the apples from various plantings in Jämtland, but also from Tröndelag which is on the Norwegian side of the border. Naturally she uses fruit that are solely grown without fertilizers and pesticides.

The apple juice will be followed by cider and spirits. Karin is the one to watch out for!


Will arrive autumn 2016, have patience!