Kyflinge Gin Distillery, Skåne

Jimmie and Per, two childhood friends that after late night Dry Martini in Jimmie’s Malmö apartment decided to explore making Swedish gin with very generous amounts of citrus. Gin reminiscent of foreign ones they had tried and loved but had a hard time finding on Swedish soils. It’s easy to think that one of those around midnight sessions would never actually manifest into something real, however the duo started experimenting swiftly thereafter. Following 10-15 times of trial and error what was to become their signature gin started to take shape.
Eventually the first product was released, the Kyflinge London Dry Gin!

Before laying their hands on their current headquarters and distillery in Saltimporten/Malmö in the late fall of 2021, production started in Jimmies basement. They were briefly located in Kävlinge and the company name springs from this time. Kyflinge is an ancient name for Kävlinge.
Their 500 l copper pot still was installed in October 2021as soon as they got access to their new premises. Their first London Dry Gin was then released in April 2022. 
In this pot they are able to produce 210 l a time. 

Organic and local ingredients are used as much as possible and quality is top priority. 
Some herbs, flowers and tomatoes (branches are used) they cultivate themselves. Precision and playfulness describes their distilling process well and every stone is turned to achieve the flavour profile they are looking for. By careful selection of high quality produce and not adding any tails Jimmie and Per manages to deliver an incredible gin experience. 

Botanical London Dry Gin

A London dry gin with high botanical notes. Kyflinge Botanical Dry Gin is a classic London Dry Gin but with a twist. Along essential gin ingredients, the spirit is boosted with peel of orange, lemon & kaffir lime, nutmeg, black pepper, chamomile, lavender flowers and local tomato branches.

Saltimporten Navy Gin

Aromatic and bold – two words that truly defines this tasteful Navy Gin. With a touch of sea salt from the Danish island Læsø the botanicals are lifted in both taste and smell.
The base is the same as Botanical London Dry Gin but with double the amount of orange and juniper. 

Kyflinge Zesty Orange

Orange in full focus! A crips London Dry Gin packed with zesty orange peel. The recipe is peels from 100 kg of oranges for each 210 l of Gin. No tomato added here and less kefir, otherwise the same base as the Botanical. Makes magic in gin n tonics, negronis and works wonders as a chilled snaps.