Boge Bränneri, Gotland

Boge Bränneri is a small farm distillery owned and run by four friends (Truls, Hanna, Erik and Hannu) with different backgrounds but with a shared passion for distilled beverages.
The company was founded in 2019 and the first products were released in 2020. The small-scale distillery is located in an outbuilding on the farm in Boge, a few kilometers from Slite on Gotland. 

The distilling is carried out in copper single pot stills, mostly made in Portugal, of classic cut. The large boiler, Augusta, holds 100 liters and is a water-jacketed bain-marie pot specially adapted for fruit distillates.

The team distill and season spirits from fruit, berries and grains and the fruit and
berry spirit is made depending on the season and the raw materials that are available at the time.

The expression is pure, elegant and finely balanced with on point fruit character.


This is a classic double-distilled Eau de Vie made from wild and cultivated apples from Gotland’s meadows, paddocks and orchards. The apples were harvested by hand during October 2020. After harvest, the apples were crushed and fermentation took place in tanks at outdoor temperature with a long fermentation period as a result of the low temperature. After fermentation, the fruit mash rested for a few months before being distilled in the spring of 2021. From the original 3,500 liters of apple mash, 580 individually numbered bottles were produced. The 2020 apple year delivered a relatively good harvest of garden fruit but a lower proportion of wild-sown apples.
50cl 39,4% ABV. 


Hallon is a classic pot-still distilled Eau de Vie made from fruit from Stenhuse Gård in Sanda in central Gotland. The fruitused is a second selection, i.e. slightly uneven or slightly crushed berries that are not ”fine” enough to sell fresh. The fruitis allowed to ripen on the bushes to maximum fragrance. After two weeks of maceration in the distillery, the raspberries are distilled in our bain-marie pot, which with its water jacket is designed precisely to optimize the aromas in fruit distillates. This is how Boge captures the raspberry’s soul in a bottle.
50 cl, 38% ABV. 


Plommon is a classic double-distilled Eau de Vie on fruit from varoius Gotland gardens. The plums were harvested by hand during September 2020. After harvest, the fruits were crushed and fermentation took place in barrels in an unheated space with a long fermentation period as a result of the low temperature. After fermentation, the mash rested for a few more weeks before being distilled in the bain-marie pot, Augusta.
50 cl, 38,5% ABV. 


In late autumn, after the first frost, wild rosehips were picked in northern Gotland. The rosehips were lightly crushed and then given a short fermentation (approx. 14 days). The mash was then distilled in two rounds with a resting period in between. Before bottling in April, the finished distillate had to ventilate for another month or so. The Eau de Vie is clear and completely unsweetened with a very distinct fruit aroma.
50 cl, 38% ABV.