Arilds Vingård, Kullaberg, Skåne

Anette is a former Biology and natural sciences teacher who together with her husband stumbled upon their future vinyerad outside Arild in 1997. They started a family and Anette continued working as a teacher. However she nurtured a dream of one day working within the wine industry and in 2007 the pair decided to plant their first vines. Anette decided to study oenology and did so mainly in Germany, additionally she studied to become a sommelier. 
Jonas is the creative entrepreneur who’s always on the look out for a new challenge. While Anette studied he took care of the kids and built the wine cellar. He’s the guy who makes sure that stuff run smoothly in the cellar and in the vineyards. 
The Ivarsson family has since 2006 been cultivating their vineyard here on Kullaberg in the north of Skåne.

Annette and Jonas mostly grow PIWI’s, a family of grapes that are resistant toward many types of fungi and require no pesticides. They also grow Pinot Noir Precoce. Joe Roman, originally from California, is their head winemaker and he’s been in the industry for many years. The reason he moved to Sweden is because he wanted to work environmentally friendly and his professor on his master programme recommended Sweden since we have mostly PIWI’s planted here. At Arild’s they are a small international team with the latest addition of agronomical engineer Lorena Sorrroche from Mendoza.

The first harvest took place in 2010 and the goal is to make wine the low intervention natural way without the use of pesticides. Weeds are taken care of by Sheep that are now munching away between the rows in the vineyards and today the family is tending to 20 full hectares. 
A natural step was also to develop an agroturismo and restaurant, yes the family’s projects are growing with each passing year.

2021 Pet Nat 

Grape: Solaris 
Age of vines: Planted 2007-2016

Vinification: Destemming, followed by stainless steel 
fermentation. Bottled just before fermentation is completed to achieve desired bottle pressure.
Unfiltered and unrefined. Wine produced with minimal intervention. No added sulphur. 

Bubbel Muscaris

Grape: 100% Muscaris
Age of vines: Planted 2007-2016

Vinification: Destemming, pressing, followed by stainless steel fermentations.
New classic sparkling wine method. Dosage 15g/L.

2020 Solaris (K-keg 20 L)

Grape: 100% Solaris
Age of vines: Planted 2007-2016

Vinification: Destemming, followed by stainless steel fermentation from the free-run and lightly pressed juice.

2019 Blanc de Noir

Grape: 100% Pinot Noir
Age of vines: Planted 2007-2016

Vinification: Destemming, followed by direct pressing. 
Fermentation 70% in stainless steel and 30% in French barrique. The latter was aged in oak for 6 months. 
Bottling by gravity.

2020 Orange

Grape: 100% Souvignier Gris 
Age of vines:
 Planted 2007-2016

Vinification: Destemming, followed by hand punch downs and pump overs. Skin maceration time 38 days 
then pressed. Final wine was taken from the top of the tank to avoid filtration.

2021 Pinot Noir Nouveau

Grape: Pinot Noir 
Age of vines: Planted 2007-2016

Vinification: Carbonic Maceration for 3 weeks. Daily pump overs followed by manual pressing. Unfiltered and 
with minimal SO2 addition. Natural gravity sedimentation before bottling.

2020 Pinot Noir (K-keg 30 L)

Grape: Pinot Noir
Age of vines: Planted 2007-2016

Vinification: Destemming, followed by hand punch downs and manual pump overs.
10% French oak with 6 months of ageing.