Astrid and Ida Sundqvist – Äppelfrosseriet

It’s all about  balance when running a family business: Astrid, the artist and gardener together with Ida, the energetic sales force with a genuine interest for drinks. These sisters got a bit disturbed by all the Swedish produce that’s not being used. Instead we are being flooded by a tsunami of apples and other fruits imported from places far, far away as well as drinks like cider from France and England et cetera.

These thoughts, together with their strive to create something real with their own hands, to get closer to the source and to show what amazing stuff one can make out of Swedish, native produce is the background to their project.

’It’s about time to use and show what we can make out of the produce that is suitable to grow in this country. We don’t want to create something like a Rhône wine, or a cider from England, our aim is to create products true to their origin.’


2016 Äppelfrosseriet: 100 % Angold, fresh, intense with a fine tannic grip in the end.