Andrea Scovero

Andrea Scovero, Bionzo – Piedmont

Andrea Scovero lives in Bionzo, a small village with only 100 citizens, located in Asti Piedmont. He is the fourth generation farming the 6 hectares and learned everything from his grandfather. Today he has 20 years of experience himself.


 His Vermouths are a blends of grappa, sugar, spices and Barbera wine. Andrea made the recipe for the Chinato based on old family history and being the first one to sell it makes us very proud! After the success it had here in Sweden, Andrea made another traditional Italian Vermouth, perfect when making our beloved drink – Negroni.


His 2016 Chinato is spiced with china, star anise, quassia wood and wild cherry. You also find a citrusy note from the mandarin zest. The 2016 Vermouth is spiced with lemon peel, gentian, rhubarb and cinnamon.
Both are fruity and fresh with integrated spice and sweetness.
They both come in 500 ml and 750 ml bottles, the ABVis 18 % for both of them.