Distilleria Gobetti

Distilleria Gobetti, Verona – Veneto

The history of distilleria Gobetti started in 1836 when Abramo Gobetti travelled around different villages with a vagon and a horse to carry his alembic which was used to help farmers create their own grape brandy. Carlo Gobetti is running the distillery today located in Verona, making him the fifth generation of producing these high quality products.

A few changes have been made since the start. The fire under the kolon is replaced with a hot water steam making it easier to control the temperature. They can also separate the head, body and tail of the distillate in different tanks – a good way to get control of the products and finish. No distillate leaves the premises until it has rested om steel tanks for at least three years before bottling. It needs the time to get all the aromas settled and matured.

At the moment they have 38 different types of products made from grapes and fruits with a ABV variation of 50% – 65 %.
Every bottle comes with a paper certify signed by Carlo. This is his guarantee for the quality control and monitoring happening from choosing the right products to the liquid being bottled.