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Bring our wines home

As our name imply, a dream scenario would be to have our own shop where private consumer could easily get hold of our wines, liqueurs and beverages.
When this is not possible due to the Swedish monopoly ”Systembolaget” where small, handcraft producers have a hard time finding it’s way to the shelves,
we do our best to get our product available anyway.


We are very happy to be able to have a range of our wines available at Winefinder.
A mix case of bottles ready to match the current season will be launched every so often. 
It’s also possible to buy selected single bottles at Winefinder.

You order everything directly from their website with the option of delivery straight to your door in many parts of Sweden.

At the moment we have the following mix cases available in Winfinder’s online store:




There are a number of ways to buy our products via Systembolaget:

– Tillfälligt Sortiment
Once in a while, we have some wines or spirits available on the shelves on ’Tillfälligt Sortiment’.
This is available from us at the moment:

2019 Eduardo Torres Acosta, Versante Nord

2019 Montesecondo, Chianti Classico

2019 Allegracore, Fattorie Romeo del Castello

2020 Chat Fou, Éric Texier (1,5l bagnum)

2018 Bonavita Faro

2017 Bonavita Faro

2019 Antonio Madeira, Branco

2020 La Cattiva, No Virus on the Dancefloor Please (25cl can)

– Beställningssortimentet
”Beställningssortimentet” is a service were you can order a product to your closest Systembolag. You will not find the product on the shelves but it´s an easy process to order.
Available to order through BS right now is:

2021 Domaine de Majas, Cortado

For the latest edition of this popular wine from Alain och Agnes Carrère in Roussillon we are met with a whole new fantastic expression. We find Pinot Noir, Merlot and Vermentino in the blend giving us a wine lighter and more delicate in style than previously. In the glass: bright juicy ruby red, reminiscent of a thirst quenching rosato!

Sold in packs of three bottles.

3 x 2021 Cortado, Domaine de Majas


2021 Domaine de Majas, Cortado

Els Vinyerons blandlåda

We’re keeping it simple and pure here with natural goodness from Els Vinyerons in Penedès. Their philosophy is to offer natural wine that’s easy to grasp, affordable and to show the variation of expression you can get out of the indigenous varieties from the region. Full focus here on one red wine and one white wine, three bottles of each.

3x 2019 Saltamarti, Els Vinyerons
3 x 2019 Lluerena, Els Vinyerons


Dryckesbutiken Blandlåda Els Vinyerons 6 x 750 ml

– Privatimport
We have all our products available via ’Privatimport’.
You can mix and match how you prefer, but a minimum order of 6 bottles. (Instructions how to do a private import is found in our price list, link further down the page)

Mix cases available to order through PI
We continuously put together differently themed mix cases available to order through privatimport.
At the moment the following is on offer:


On the rocks or combine into a perfekt drink. No matter what you prefer, this case will assure a solid foundation to build your bar from at home.

1 x Mauro Vergano Americano
1 x Mondino Amaro
1 x Andrea Scovero Vermouth
1 x Sprithyllan Gin

1642 :-

Please click on the link below to come to the price list were you also find instructions on how to order.
If you have trouble finding the wine you are looking for on the list just send us an email and we’ll gladly help you.

On this link you’ll find our price list for Privatimport


Are you interested in getting news and information about wines, events and other stuff that happens in our world?
Send us an email to: privat@dryckesbutiken.se and we will put you on our mailing list.