More wine!

Just came back from tasting 2015 at France Gonzalvez spacious vinery in St Julien, Beaujolais. She has managed to keep freshness and finesse in this warm vintage and we are really happy with the wines. Of all 2015 tasted it’s a year of the bigger size in generally. (A lot of warm Grenache feelings both in Burgundy and Beaujolais..)

Right now it’s been raining a lot in the region and there is a lot of work to keep the mildew away. But luckily they didn’t get the frost that almost destroyed everything in Loire and Burgundy 2 weeks ago. So we hope for a big crop here, so they can sell some grapes to their fellow winemakers that got theirs destroyed.
Seems like the 2016 will be remembered as the worst in many years for Burgundy and Loire and we are prepared to sell a lot of ’Vin de France’ in 2017.