Deep South Soda- ’tradition, innovation, craft’, Söderslätt

There’s a nonstop creative flow coming from these guys.
Emma & Martin are known for running the wonderful sea shore restaurant Hörte Brygga since 2014. In 2018 they also opened up a wine bar and cheese store in Malmö, Julie.

Always focused on sourcing the best and most local products, the most interesting natural wines as well as experimenting with their own products and searching new sustainable ways of working. They have since the beginning put a lot of effort in serving serious non-alcoholic beverages at their spots. The feedback from their guests has been hugely good, especially for their home brewed barley water.

So, a dream to create beverages available for others then just their guests was born and in 2019 this dream came true.

The turnout is a barley water made with produce from their local farms on Södra Slätt and seasoned with what’s season in the region at the moment. Brewed at Sövde Musteri. A non-alcoholic beverage with light acidity, marked bitterness and structured depth that matches food well.

Barley Water

Ingredients: malted barley from Warbo Kvarn, 4% rhubarb, 4% sugar, 3,4% Sicilian lemon.

Production: brewed in July 2019. Lemons sliced in half macerates with chopped rhubarb and the other ingredients in 1000 liter steel tanks for 24 hours. Then they remove the lemons, rhubarb and barley, and the liquid goes through a low pasteurization before bottling. The barley water matures in bottle for 3 weeks before released. 7740 bottles produced.

Extra: barley water has been drunk in different continents for over 2700 years, a strengthening and health bringing beverage, we applaud Deep South Soda for carrying on the tradition!