ACT, wines encouraging change!

All people deserve to be treated equally with the same fundamental protection of human rights.

Unfortunately this is far from reality today. The increasing segregation and deeply manifested structural discrimination in our society is a fact and a grave problem we believe.
A problem we see as our obligation to act on.
We aim to make a change through raising awareness and by highlighting this ill distributed balance of power.

We want to see forever growing tolerance, knowledge, love and compassion.
For this reason we have created the ACT label. A series of wines where 2% of the sales goes to financially supporting organizations working for human rights.
You can read about the projects we are currently supporting below.

Enjoy the wines, spread joy and engage in positive action!

Thanks for engaging, let’s ACT!

ACT wine supports

ACT for change
25/5 A talk with Lovette Jallow for HoReCa on how we all can help to fight discriminatory and rasist structures.

Soulidarity & Human Rights

Soulidarity & Human Rights is a non profit organization where the goal is to continuously work actively to help individuals and minority groups who live in alienation/social exclusion by shedding light on problems and identifying needs which can be met, thereby finding ways to help or create new solutions.