ACT, wines encouraging change!

Our ACT label/initiative is a series of wines where 2% of the sales goes to financially supporting organizations working for human rights.

All people deserve to be treated equally with the same fundamental protection of human rights. Unfortunately this is far from reality today. The increasing segregation and deeply manifested structural discrimination in our society is a fact and a grave problem we believe. A problem we see as our obligation to act on. We aim to make a change through raising awareness and by highlighting this ill distributed balance of power. We want to see forever growing tolerance, knowledge, love and compassion.

You can read about the projects we have or are currently supporting further down on this page.

When you see the above logo on the back label of your bottle of wine 2% of the sales from the bottle will be donated to the organisation we are currently supporting.

December 2022 marks the launch of our ACT project 2.0. One and a half year in we decided that it was time to tweak things a little. 
So, instead of us each month highlighting a different project, we’ll from now on be focusing on ONE for a period of a year. This to be able to dig deeper into the work that is carried out by the organization and to better be able share it with you guys. During spring 2023 we’ll also introduce a slight change in labelling of the ACT wines.
The organisation we have chosen to shed light on for the coming year is the amazing
Hela Malmö (Read more about the work they do below).

Enjoy the wines, spread joy and engage in positive action!

Thanks for engaging, let’s ACT!

ACT wines 2023 supports:

Hela Malmö

Hela Malmö started in 2004 and is an organization working towards a socially sustainable society, especially focusing on young people in socio-economically challenged areas.
Central to their work is to create opinion, spread knowledge about peoples living conditions and to highlight unjust power structures in society. By a range of hands-on efforts they aim to help the most vulnerable groups and to rebuild that which has been lost.

Hela Malmö’s core philosophy is that people’s basic needs need to be provided for. People need to feel that they can exercise influence on their lives and their environment of living. Hence the organization is a need-driven one centered around the belief in the innate power in human beings and their ability to change the world.

The perfect example of this is in Nydala in Malmö where the project’s heart of operation is located, a so called socially vulnerable area. This is where Hela Malmö was founded by re-establishing a social infrastructure together with the inhabitants of the area. This proved to be a success story already after the first year of operations when the feeling of safety in the area was increased by 8%, far best out of all the communal property companies in Malmö. This method of rebuilding now goes under the name Nydalamodellen.

Unlike the much simplified rhetoric we’ve been hearing leading up to our recent election about firmer policing, surveillance etc. of these by the authorities themselves unprioritized areas, we just like Hela Malmö and many others believe that the only sound way to establish real change is to listen to the actual inhabitants, identifying their needs and to build from there. 
Not by preaching hollow words like ‘HÅRDARE TAG…’

We so look forward to following Hela Malmö’s work for one whole year!

To kick this off we recently sent 10.000 sek to Hela Malmö from the sales of our ACT wines in September-November.

Soulidarity & Human Rights

Soulidarity & Human Rights is a non profit organization where the goal is to continuously work actively to help individuals and minority groups who live in alienation/social exclusion by shedding light on problems and identifying needs which can be met, thereby finding ways to help or create new solutions.

Palestinagrupperna i Sverige

Is a solidarity organization, not tied to a political party or religious group, that was founded in 1976. Their work is centred around aid and developmental work together with local groups in Libanon, on the West Bank and in Gaza. All their work stems from human rights, UN-resolutions and international law.


Transammans is working toward spreading knowledge and providing support for persons identifying as transgender and their families/closest.

Tjejjouren Skogsrå

This organisation aims to support, encourgage and to help young girls partly through a helpline/chat and also by holding lectures and running projects that highligts questions relevant to being a young girl/female. No question i s to big or small.


ROKS – Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige

Roks, the National Organisation for Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Shelters in Sweden, is the largest member organisation for women’s shelters and young women’s shelters in the country. Roks aims at safeguarding the common interests of the shelters in their work against male violence towards women.

Roks strives to shape public opinion, and actively works to make the public aware of the reality that the shelters face, as well as conduct outward dialogues around the issues concerning the shelters. There are currently around 100 women’s and young women’s shelters within the organisation.

Roks is a feministic organisation working on the rights of women’s and young women’s rights and liberation, as well as equality on all levels.

SAK – Svenska Afghanistankommittén

For an Afghanistan free from poverty, violence and discrimination.
The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has been working in Afghanistan for more than thirty-nine years and are focusing on areas such as healthcare, rural lievlihood, education and community governanance.
They have more than 6,000 employees working in different parts of the country.
Read more about their work below.

Refugees Welcome Stockholm

Refugees Welcome Stockholm is an independent organisation (that is not tied to a specific religion or political party) with the aim of helping refugees that arrive in Stockholm.


The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Rights, is a non-profit organization founded in 1950. RFSL strives to create an equal world where all LGBTQI people’s human rights are respected and no one is left behind.

ACT for change
2021/05/25 A talk with Lovette Jallow for HoReCa on how we all can help to fight discriminatory and rasist structures.