Spriteriet, Stockholm

Spriteriet was established by Charlotta Berggren (also called Charlie) in 2018. The idea came during the summer vacation of 2017 in Basque, drinking local Patxaran which is a liqueur made from sloes and herbs. That coming fall she spent every weekend picking her new favorit berry. Together with family members she also forages wild herbs and plants around Sweden, turning it into liqueurs and spirits.

The first products arrive autumn of 2018, as a result of the summer foraging done around Sweden. Spriteriet makes all natural products without added flavoring and preservation. Every season is unique – resulting in different amounts of harvest, flavors and products.

Every time you by a bottle from Spriteriet you’ll be able to see what vintage it is and how many bottles were made. Because there are no additives in the products, they will continue to develop in the bottle. Just like a bottle of wine, they’ll change color and with time the fruit will mature and increase its concentration, therefore every vintage will be different.

Spriteriet is developing various alcoholic products after season. First out liqueurs and vermouths, but also fruit distillates and other small scaled and hand crafted spirits, launching from 2019!

2019 Spriteriet Orange Vermouth

Wine: 2019 Pinot Blanc från Weingut Knauss
Flavored with: Honey, sea buckthorn, wormwood and Angelica seeds.
Sugar content: 100 g/l
Bottles made: 180
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 16% ABV

2019 Spriteriet Rosé Vermouth

Wine: 2018 Rosé from Weingut Knauss (Lemberger, Trollinger, Spätburgunder)
Flavored with: Rhubarb, hierochloe, leftover/saved lemon zest and tansy.
Sugar content: 80 g/l
Bottles made: 980
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 16% ABV

2019 Spriteriet Bitter

Herbs: Tansy, garden apples, rowan berries, meadowsweet and angelica seeds.
Bottles made: 94
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 35% ABV

2019 Spriteriet fläderlikör

Foraged in: Ljungskile and Stockholm
Bottles made: almost 900
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 21% ABV

2018 Spriteriet älgörtslikör

Foraged in: Ljungskile and Stockholm
Bottles made: 415
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 23 % ABV

2017 Slånbärslikör

Foraged in: Ljungskile and Stockholm
Bottles made: 420
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 20% ABV

2019 Svensk Vermouth

Wine: 2019 Solaris from Hällåkra Vingård
Flavored with: Honey from Ekerö, apple, bird-cherry and wormwood
Sugar content: 110 gr/l
Bottles made
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 16% ABV

2019 Svartvinbärslikör

Berries: from Rudenstams frukt & bär, outside Huskvarna
Bottles made: 335
Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol: 20% ABV