A visit at Martin Texier!

So, I managed to catch this guy on his worst day ever.. He has been working more or less all day since March to manage his vineyards, which are now a little bit more than 5 ha, spread out on various parcels both in Saint-Julién and Brèzéme. So, to start the day with a broken tractor, then loosing the phone in the vineyard (of course in silent mode), without lunch or anything to drink, trying to get hold of me and his friends that stays with him and were ment to help him in the vineyard this day. All this leading to no time with the girlfriend he haven’t seen for a long time because of all the work in the vineyards (no frost or hail here, but a lot of mildew, which means a lot of extra vineyard work)..so no, not a perfect day for Martin. Well, anyhow he found me after a while and we took a tour in the vineyards and talked about 2016 vintage. Last year when he came back from though schooling at Elisabetta Foradoris in Italy he made a Petnat of Pink Chasselas and Muscat(Petite Nature) and a Grenache (L’Indigène). This year he’s will also make Syrah from 1 ha in Brèzéme and some Cinsault planted back in -54 from St-Julien to mix with his Grenache for L’Indigène. He also plans to start building his own vinery after harvest, and has bought a small plot in St-Julien that he will plant with selection massale Clairette next year to make a still white wine. He has a lot to do this guy! But in this part of France 2016 will be alright, only around 20-30% loss of crop due to mildew, luckily! We finished of with that his friends got hold of him, we had some water and Petnat in his house before I left him with the tractor that first didn’t start.. Looking forward for to greet the 2016 vintage in Sweden, bon courage Martin!